Rainbow Six Quarantine Reveal Possibly Coming May 4

Several years ago, Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six: Quarantine, a new Rainbow Six game that would take place where a pandemic has ravaged the Earth and caused hordes of infected to sow destruction wherever they went. We might be getting a new Rainbow Six Quarantine reveal on May 4, provided a recent tweet is right.

The tweet in question, which was posted on the official Rainbow Six: Siege Twitter page, doesn’t have much on it, simply a picture showing “May 4th, 2021” and a caption that says “We scoured the Earth, looking for salvation…”. It might be an event specific to Siege, or it could actually be a reveal, but all we can do is wait and see it ourselves.

Rainbow Six: Siege is no stranger to this sort of thing. The game had previously had a limited-time event in the form of “Outbreak”, where an old Cold War-era satellite crashed near a town, infecting everyone in it with a spaceborne pathogen that turned them into mindless monsters.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine appears to be built around a version of that where Rainbow Six did not stop the disease before it could spread out of control, but we’ll likely learn more when the Rainbow Six Quarantine reveal actually happens, if what we’re hoping for on May 4 is actually told to us.

Since we’ve only ever gotten a trailer about the game at E3 2019, there’s no telling what it’s actually about, especially since said trailer only showed us a brief tease about the game and nothing substantial. But, considering how well-received Siege was and how popular the Outbreak event ended up being, there’s hope that it’ll turn out to be something good.

In the meantime, all we can do is sit and wait to see if Ubisoft actually does have something substantial planned for the Rainbow Six Quarantine reveal on May 4.