Rainbow Six Siege ELO Glitch Patched

If you’ve played ranked matches in Rainbow Six Siege recently, there’s a high chance that you may have encountered players in the enemy team exploiting a strange bug where they keep leaving and rejoining the match for seemingly no reason at all.

This bug has been named the ‘ELO Glitch’ by the Rainbow Six Siege community. The glitch is a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) exploit that players have been using to decrease their MMR losses and increase their MMR gains.

The worst thing about this exploit is that it also affects the enemy team, but inversely. So, if a team uses the ELO Glitch, the enemy team will gain less MMR if they win and they’ll lose more MMR if they’re defeated.

The good news is that Ubisoft has taken note of the ELO Glitch and are releasing a new patch for Rainbow Six Siege which will resolve the bug effective immediately.
The official Rainbow Six Siege twitter account tweeted the following statement about this new patch:

“We will be deploying a hotfix today, April 19, which will aim to resolve the MMR exploit known in the community as the ‘ELO glitch.”

They subsequently tweeted, “Players affected by this exploit may have noticed opponents leaving and rejoining their match, resulting in irregular MMR gains/losses. With this update, that can no longer happen.”

The new patch will be released at the following times for different platforms:

  • 9am EDT/1pm UTC for PC.
  • 10am EDT/2pm UTC for Xbox.
  • 11am EDT/3pm UTC for PlayStation.

Once you have downloaded the patch, you won’t be able to jump back into ranked matchmaking immediately. You’ll have to wait about 30 minutes for ranked matchmaking to get back up and running.

If you’re looking to learn more about the ELO Glitch, former professional Rainbow Six Siege player and current streamer George ‘KingGeorge’ Kassa posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining the ins and outs of this exploit.

In this video, he explains that if a player leaves and rejoins a ranked game, their team will gain more ELO if they win and they’ll lose less ELO if they lose the match.
He further explains that the enemy team will also be affected by the glitch, but it’ll affect them in the opposite way. This means that the enemy team will gain less ELO if they win and they’ll lose more ELO if they lose.

Because of this terrible exploit, ranked matchmaking has been a total mess for the past week or so in Rainbow Six Siege. What made this glitch even more frustrating is that this season has an MMR cap of 700 instead of 1000, so increases/decreases in MMR have an even greater effect on your rank now.

Thankfully, this crazy exploit is going to be patched very soon so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.