Resident Evil Village How to Move the Tractor

After you finally defeat Lady Dimitrescu and make your way back to the village, your path to the chimney will be blocked by an oddly-placed tractor. To move this tractor, you’ll need to go on a little journey to find a special item that can be used to move the tractor out of the way.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can find this special item and move the tractor in Resident Evil Village.

How to Move the Tractor in Resident Evil Village

If you take a close look at the tractor, you’ll see that there is a jack under it. This means that you need to find a Jack Handle to be able to move the tractor.

To find the Jack Handle, turn left from the tractor and make your way up the hill and then head down the road to the east.

You’ll encounter a locked gate in your path with a sign saying ‘Do Not Enter’. Break the lock and go through the gate. Destroy the crate in there to get some Lei and Rusted Scrap and then enter the workshop to your left.

In here, you’ll see a photo on the table. If you examine it, you’ll notice that it has a message on its back saying “Look out the window.”.

So now, look out the window near the table and you’ll find a number written on the frame of the window and two more numbers written outside.

While you’re taking a look through this window, you’ll get attacked by a Lycan. Take care of the Lycan and then take a closer look at the numbers outside to figure out the code.

This code is 07-04-08. You can now use this code on the locked cabinet in the corner of the room to open it up. Inside this cabinet, you’ll find a Jack Handle and a M1911 handgun. This new weapon is more powerful than the LEMI and it’s fully automatic.

Now that you have the Jack Handle, make your way back to the tractor and use the Jack Handle on the jack. This will lift up the tractor, allowing you to go underneath it so you can enter the house.