Denuvo Joins the International Game Developers Association

Cheating is one of the biggest problems in the video games industry. It’s the bane of any gamer’s existence. This is evident by the fact that reportedly 77% of gamers worldwide are likely to leave a game when they encounter a cheater in their lobby.

Furthermore 46% of gamers have said that they are less likely to purchase any in-game content in a game if cheating is prevalent in it. So, cheating not only reduces the player-base of the game, it also hurts the publishers and developers of the game financially as it creates a massive monetization risk for them.

All of that being said, some good news (may be not) has just been released which will hopefully alleviate the cheating problem in the video game industry.

This news is that Denuvo by Irdeto, the leader in video-games protection and anti-cheat security and just announced that it has joined the International Gamer Developers Association (IGDA) as a gold partner.

With this partnership, IGDA members will gain more information about the security risks in gaming while Denuvo will be able to help the IGDA combat this issue.

Renee Gittens, the Executive Director of IGDA, said this about Irdeto’s partnership with the IGDA: “The IGDA is thrilled to welcome Denuvo as our newest partner. We are eager to continue our work together to best protect developers without impacting the experience of the players, so that our industry and games everywhere can thrive.”

If you somehow, don’t know what Denuvo actually is, it is part of Irdeto, a software company, who is one of the top companies for digital platform security. The Denuvo team consists of gamers who understand all the ins and outs of the industry.

They work with video-games, video entertainment, connected transport and IoT connected industries. They have over 50 years of experience in security. While their work mostly is deemed necessary by game publishers, sometimes, it brings bad experiences for gamers with its DRM and many gamers around the world aren’t comfortable with the solutions Denuvo provides.

Anyway, Denuvo has over two billion game protected installs. These game installs are unique and spread across all platforms. More than a thousand games have been secured thanks to the help of Denuvo.

With Denuvo’s track record of protecting AAA titles consistently for years, its partnership with the IGDA could be a very big deal for the gaming industry as this very well may help alleviate the deep-rooted effects of cheating in video games.

The Managing Director of Denuvo had this to say about the announcement: “Partnering with IGDA provides us opportunities of connecting with studios of all sizes.” He continued, “We are very happy to be part of this community and to continue our dialogue with game developers, studios and publishers.”