Shuhei Yoshida Claims He’s Played An Unreleased Soulslike Game

Shuhei Yoshida, a big name at Playstation, recently went on Twitter to reveal what the last five games he had played were. Alongside games like Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact, and Sifu, the other two were unannounced titles. Alongside a puzzle action game, an unannounced Soulslike game was also listed.

This isn’t, however, Elden Ring, as Yoshida clarified in a subsequent tweet. However, a new Soulslike that’s apparently interesting enough to get one of Playstation’s bigwigs playing it can’t be anything small. But there’s also basically no hint as to what it might be, considering the tweet’s lack of detail.

Soulslike games are one of the bits of new hotness among RPGs and other such titles, as the runaway success of From Software titles have proven that difficult, dark fantasy titles are a winning formula, especially with all of the buzz surrounding Elden Ring, which comes out next week.

There are a few Soulslike games coming out, however, that Shuhei Yoshida could be referring to. Lies of P, for instance, is a Soulslike action game that takes the story of Pinocchio and gives it a dark twist. Another game called Thymesia is also apparently slated to release this year.

Both of those games are definitely the most polished right now, and both have had trailers and gameplay previews released for them in some form. However, at the same time, there could be any number of other notable Soulslike games that he could pick, and those two are just the most obvious possibilities.

The game could also be Salt and Sacrifice, a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary that’s coming to PC and Playstation platforms on May 10 that’s also a Dark Souls-like dark fantasy world. Of course, whatever Shuhei Yoshida is playing, all it means is that we have something else that could probably be really good to look forward to in the future.