Street Fighter 6 To Be Announced On Monday?

For the past several days, a countdown timer has been going on a special Capcom website, leaving fans of the company frantically guessing as to what it could be. Jeff Grubb of the Grubbsnax podcast, believes that the game that will be announced will be Street Fighter 6, though two days remain.

It’s been a while since Street Fighter 5, the last mainline entry in one of gaming’s oldest and greatest fighting game series, came out. The game released in 2016 and had a very rough launch, but eventually came into its own. Six years seems like a good enough time gap, but the question remains on if it’s actually a Street Fighter game.

Capcom has many franchises to pick from in terms of what might be coming. While it could be Street Fighter, Capcom also owns franchises like Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil, and has released highly successful new entries for all of them over the past few years.

If it does turn out to be Street Fighter 6, as some rumors have suggested, one can only hope that Capcom has learned valuable lessons from the rather disastrous launch of Street Fighter 5 and can manage to have an immediate success this time around. All the same, we should hold our breaths on anything like that until the countdown timer actually finishes.

Some other gaming news outlets have put forward the possibility that the countdown is building up to a new Resident Evil game announcement, which can be supported by the virtual reality Resident Evil 4 game released recently. Resident Evil 4 is seen as one of the best games ever made, and with Capcom’s recent trend of remaking the first three titles, it stands to reason 4 would be on the list.

Either way, the timer at the time of this writing still has two days and nine hours until it’s over, so whether or not we actually get Street Fighter 6 will be answered when the timer runs out.