Sony Fake Video Patent Aims To Stop Edited Videos Using Block Chains

A recently revealed patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment will apparently create a system to stop edited videos from being posted by making use of block chains. This Sony fake video patent is intended to stop people from maliciously editing videos in an audio or visual way to change peoples’ appearance or edit their speech.

Selectively editing videos has become a much more popular method of social attack, especially with online gaming where someone can edit footage or audio of a game to say something it’s not supposed to or change a person’s appearance. According to the patent itself:

As understood herein, modern digital image processing, coupled with deep learning algorithms, presents the interesting and entertaining but potentially sinister ability to alter a video image of a person into the image of another person, or to alter the video of the person in such a manner as to speak words, in the person’s voice, that they never spoke. While such a capability can be used in a light-hearted manner, it can also be used to defame an individual by making it appear as if the person spoke disparaging things. Accordingly, techniques are provided herein to determine whether a video is genuine or is a fake generated by machine learning.

With such a system in place, the system would automatically be able to determine whether or not a video has been altered in order to do any of the above. If it determines the video has been altered, it will either refuse to play the video entirely, or the Sony fake video patent would allow the video to play with a disclaimer that the video had been altered.

The system would be able to determine such things through a variety of ways, which you can read by following this link to the actual patent document if you’re really interested.