Upcoming Deviation Games Title Will Have Single-Player And Co-Op

Since February of last year, Deviation Games has been claiming to be working on an unannounced title for the Playstation 5. Now, thanks to the LinkedIn page of Derek Sunshine, the game’s design director, we now know that the game will include both single-player and co-op game modes. However, we still don’t know its name.

Deviation Games is made up mostly of old hats in the first-person shooter business, mainly ex-Call of Duty developers led by Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, who both worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops back during the franchise’s peak. While the studio has been tight-lipped on what they’re working on, we do know a few things.

Various leaks have come out saying that the studio’s game will not only have single player and co-op modes, but will also have multiple campaigns, and different multiplayer modes for arcade and competitive players. Supposedly, the game will be supported for many years to come, though whether or not it’s a service game has yet to be revealed.

Considering that the two studio heads worked on Black Ops, who actually had its narrative be one of the most well-known parts of the trilogy, hopefully the game’s single-player campaigns will be well-written as well, though until we actually know more about the game, we can’t really make many assumptions.

We do have a rough release window though, also through some leaks. The first official information should be released sometime this year, while the game itself is apparently set to release in 2024. These are, however, leaks, so they should naturally be taken with a grain of salt.

Considering Deviation Games is made up of ex-Call of Duty developers and led by two of the franchise’s best, hopefully the studio’s new game will wind up being just as good as Black Ops, if not better.