Diablo 4 Error Codes and Fixes

Since Diablo 4 is a live service game with millions of expected players, it’s expected to have some common issues. Like any other live service game, Blizzard Entertainment has also associated error codes to the Diablo 4 related issues. So while playing the beta or the full game, if you come across any of these error codes, here is what they mean and how you can possibly address them.

Network Disconnect: Probably the error that you’re going to run into most when the beta comes around, this error comes when the game’s servers are overloaded. While there’s no fix for it, you should be able to log back in without a problem.

1910: So far there’s only been one report of this code, which appears to be related to server issues. If it happens more, there will likely be a way to fix it.

34202: This error code refers to a server stability issue. If it mentions your internet connection, simply shut down the game and then re-open it.

34203: This error code appears to be connected to Battle.net accounts, as it only happens when you’re logging in. In this case, your best bet is to keep trying or wait a while for the issue to resolve itself.

300010: It’s currently unknown what causes this error, but it seems to happen mostly to console players. Since it’s unknown what causes it, so far there’s also no method to fix it.

315306: If you’ve gotten this error, you’re likely trying to get into the beta too early or your login authentication has failed. In either case, either wait for the beta to actually start, or

316005: This error normally comes up if you’re trying to make a new character but don’t have the slots for it. In this case, delete a character to keep from getting the error.

316719: This error can happen at any time, resulting in a player being booted back to the queue straight out of the game. Like many other errors on this list, the most likely way to fix it is to shut down the game and re-open it, though this will still result in you getting put back in the queue. Thankfully, Blizzard is apparently working at shortening queue times. This error is likely due to high load on the game’s servers, something the studio is also working on dealing with.

300202: This error happens during busy periods. Much like similar errors, simply rejoin the queue or shut down then reopen the game to resolve it.

300008: This is a request timeout error. If it happens, shut down the game and Battle.net, then reopen both.

396002: This error refers to heavy ping slowing the game down, normally with heavy load times or server instability. Again, shut down and then reopen the game.

401003: This is another error code that can pop up when you’re trying to reconnect after a Network Disconnect error. Once again, close and reopen the game.

395002: This code normally appears alongside a message that your account has, for some reason, been locked. If this happens, don’t panic and instead just try and log in again; it might simply be a server issue. If it persists, contact Blizzard support.

Blizzard Entertainment has already warned about long queue times for the upcoming Diablo IV beta so while servers are full, you might face some of these error codes as well so keep an eye out for them as well.