Despite All the Great Visuals, Fruits Still Disappoint in Halo Infinite

While Halo has been upping the ante on its graphics with every new game since the original Halo came out in 2001, the game’s atmospheric minutae are still a bit lacking, according to a Twitter post put up by user “OnlyGoodGames” that showed Halo Infinite graphics when shooting fruit vs Call of Duty.

OGG retweeted the video from its original creator, @THEAPP99, as a way to compare and contrast the little things and attention to detail in different games. Unlike in Halo Infinite, Call of Duty has realistic exploding fruit physics, because that’s apparently a thing that gamers should care about.

The backlash to the comment was immediate despite OGG’s efforts to say he wasn’t criticizing Halo for it, but that hasn’t stopped even App himself from criticizing OGG over seemingly using his video to cast Infinite in an unfavorable light. App also, however, remarked on the game’s fruit physics needing to be improved.

Unlike in games like Call of Duty, the Halo Infinite graphics show the fruit staying in one piece for a certain number of bullets before exploding into goo, whereas fruit in Call of Duty games will bounce and tumble around as individual fruits are hit by bullets. Other Halo games have also had resilient fruit.

Some of the gamers might find this disappointing since even with the great power afforded by the Xbox Series X and PC these days, Halo graphics are still missing tiny details like fruit. Others in the fracas, however, have marked that unrealistic (and frankly nitpicky) expectations like OGG showcased often are some of the leading factors contributing to crunch time in game development.

The Halo Infinite graphics here aren’t even final, either. The game is currently going through an alpha play period, so it’s possible that the graphics might be touched up at some point in the future, and even then considering it will be a hot item for Microsoft anyway, it likely won’t matter, since most people don’t run around shooting fruit to see how the engines compare.

Halo Infinite is still slated to come out sometime this year, though whether the graphics will be advanced enough to see fruit explode realistically like in Call of Duty upon its release remain to be seen. The game will be launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.