PS5 Could Get Variable Refresh Rate Update This December

While the recent PS5 software system update is bringing some great features including SSD expansion, one important feature that the Sony’s console should be getting is still missing. Yes, we are talking about Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). However, this could be changing soon as according to a new report, PS5 could be getting VRR support over HDMI as soon as this December.

If you aren’t aware, VRR is a modern TV technology that allows a smooth experience and reduces the screen tearing manifolds. The refresh rates of the screens are adjusted dynamically so that if a game’s frame rates change, you don’t experience any tearing.

The hint comes from Robert Zohn (president of Value Electronics) who in an interview, shared that multiple Sony TVs will be getting the firmware upgrade in December. He told the the engineers are waiting on some HDMI protocols and configuration changes to bring the much awaited VRR update. Now he didn’t mention PS5 directly but we know that the PS5 has the capability to support that and they just are waiting for more capable TVs to hit the market. Keep in mind that Sony hasn’t revealed anything officially about the VRR upgrades.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles are already using the VRR capability for smoother experiences.

PlayStation 5 since its launch has been selling like hot cakes and the company is struggling to meet the demands due to chip shortages. According to recent reports, since launch, PS5 has already reached the milestone of 10 Million units sold even in shortages. Sony is naturally, committed to improve the overall experience for the players through different updates and hopefully, soon, we will be able to see Variable Refresh Rates in action on PS5 soon.