Rumor: New Wipeout Game Is In The Works For PS5, PSVR2

An insider who goes by the username Shpeshal Nick has claimed on Twitter that a brand new Wipeout game is in the midst of development. The new game will not only be for the Playstation 5, but also for the Playstation VR 2, though obviously this should be taken with a grain of salt.

There hasn’t been a new Wipeout game since 2012 with Wipeout 2048. While the previous console generation did get us the Wipeout: Omega Collection on the Playstation 4, those were remasters of the previous two games in the series, 2048 and 2008’s Wipeout HD.

The new Wipeout, if it is actually coming, will apparently be developed by Lucid Games. Lucid is the developer of Destruction: Allstars, another Playstation 5 game that came out in February of this year and focused around demolition derby style gameplay. Since Wipeout is essentially high-speed boat-racing, there’s not very much of a chance that Lucid could mess it up.

Destruction: AllStars, for instance, got fairly average reviews on its release. While critics enjoyed the gameplay loop, the driving mechanics, and the combat, the main issues they found were with a lack of content and invasive microtransactions. With luck, those same issues won’t plague the new Wipeout game.

Of course, it all depends on who’s publishing the game. Sony Interactive Entertainment was the publisher for Destruction AllStars, though whether they learned their lesson about microtransactions from that game or will continue it for Wipeout remains to be seen.

We can’t make too many guesses about the game either, since we don’t even know if it’s real or not. Shpeshal Nick says that it’s still very early in the game’s development, so if it does exist, then we can start making guesses about the mechanics of the new Wipeout game. Until then, we’ll have to wait until either an announcement, or Sony comes out and says that a new game isn’t being worked on.