Only 30 Percent Of Wo Long Xbox Players Have Beaten The First Boss

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the next Souls-esque game from Team Ninja, launched last week, and it seems that the game is already running into the normal Soulslike problem that games like this run into: it’s been revealed that on the Xbox version of the game, only 30 percent of people have beaten the first boss.

The first boss, Zhang Liang, is apparently tough enough that only 30 percent of all players in the Xbox version of the game have managed to win the game’s first Achievement, which requires defeating him. Such things are common for games in the Souls style of difficulty, where the first boss is often still challenging.

This is unlike players on the Playstation and PC versions of the game, where 85 percent of players were able to beat Zhang Liang, though this is most likely not due to a lack of skill on the part of Xbox gamers, but more because of Game Pass. Game Pass allows people to try out or play games for free, so it’s likely the low number is because of people who tried the game for a while, didn’t like it, and stopped.

The number of people on Xbox who have even beaten the game is even lower, as only two percent of gamers have gotten the achievement that comes when you beat the game’s story. This means that even among the people who beat the first boss, few have stuck with the game long enough to be able to defeat the final boss.

Since Souls games and games like them are often known for being challenging, it’s no surprise that so many people eventually get discouraged at lack of progress in the game and stop playing, especially when the game is on Game Pass so there’s no reason to continue.

If you think you can beat the game yourself, you can play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC now.