How to Play Coop In Monster Hunter Rise

Playing multiplayer with friends is the best way to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise, specially when you are playing it on Nintendo Switch. Completing new missions and challenges while playing with friends and earning rewards is the thing everyone wants to do. This article covers everything that a new player needs to know about how to switch to multiplayer/coop mode.

Requirements To Play In Multiplayer Mode In Monster Hunter Rise

Firstly it is important to know about the basic requirements of multiplayer mode in Monster Hunter Rise. So following are some important points to be noted. Monster Hunter Rise allows maximum of four players in multiplayer and there are two types of missions.

  • Village Quests-These can only be played as a single player.
  • Hub Quests-These can be played both as a single player or in multiplayer mode.
  • Make sure you have the switch online subscription to play over the internet.
  • You also need all of the tutorial missions in the game.
  • You can only take 1 companion with you in a room.

Setting Up Online Coop in Monster Hunter Rise

Here is a complete guide on how to set up an online co-op. You just need to take the following simple steps:

  • Find the mailman in the main stairs of steelwork to the left of smithy.
  • Choose the option play online to go to online mode in the game.
  • Next option to select after choosing play online is to create a lobby. This gives you many options like which quest to join and many others as well. Send your friends the ID along with
  • password so that they can join.
  • To avoid players joining other than your friends make sure you set a password.

How to Setup Local Coop in Monster Hunter Rise

To get into a local Co-op all the steps are same as for setting up an online co-op. What is different is only that instead of choosing play online one should choose play locally. So the steps are:

  • Speak with Senri the mailman.
  • Chose play locally.
  • Select create a lobby.
  • Set a password.

How To Join Friend’s Lobby

  • Speak to Senri Mailman.
  • Chose play online.
  • Use ID as a reference and search.
  • Now enter the lobby ID.

Another way when you want to connect with someone who is on your friend list is:

  • Speak to senri the mailman.
  • Go to friends list.
  • Search the name of your friend whose lobby you wish to join.
  • Click on join lobby.

How To Initiate A Co-op Quest

When the lobby is created, you have to begin with setting up a coop quest. Following the guide will make your procedure a bit easier. As mentioned above, you cannot take part in village quest while in multiplayer mode so the steps are:

  • Hub quest board>Select a mission>Continue to prepare or press ZR button to confirm.
  • In case you are to join a quest initiated by someone else then follow the steps below:
  • Hub quest board>Join hub quest>Continue to prepare or press ZR button to confirm.
  • This is all it takes to join or initiate a co-op quest.

How To Co-op While In a Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Well this is interesting to know that one can even co-op while he is in a quest. You can easily do this through join request feature. The player who will be joining will be given reward if the one sending join request is at a lower hunter rank. Follow the steps below to get a better insight on how to set up a join request:

  • Menu>Quests>Join Request
  • Now you can add anyone to the on going quest.

How To Respond To Join Request

If someone else sends you the join request follow the steps below to join it:

Note that you will have to be prepared already because you will be joining the session as soon as request is accepted, either sent by you or you responded to the request.

  • Hub area>Quest board>Respond to join request.
  • Now you are free to respond to any available join request.

How To Leave Lobby

If you want to leave a lobby, go and talk to senri and chose leave lobby option. It doesn’t matter whether you were the one who created the lobby or you joined it on your friend’s invite you can leave it easily any time.

Some Useful Tips For Playing Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer Mode

  • You can use mutual like feature to join each other’s lobby. All you need to do is to like another teammate after playing in multiplayer mode and the other one also gives you a like.
  • You can also use hunting tags that keep you updated about active hours, people around you etc. The feature is known as hunter connect.
  • As mentioned above, you can also use the join request feature to add players while you are in a quest whenever you want or need their help.

Hope this article answers all the questions you have in your mind regarding playing in multiplayer mode in Monster Hunter Rise.