Crossplay Voice Chat In Outriders

Outriders, since its demo’s release, has been a center of attraction for the players especially when the players were made able to access the game’s shortened format for free.

The game features advanced graphics and a great experience of science fiction. . The game also includes cross platform compatibility so players from different platforms can also connect using the crossplay technology. So the players connecting from different gaming platforms surely require cross play voice chat feature. This article covers everything you need to use this feature.

How To Use The Crossplay Voice Chat Feature On PC

In a multiplayer game, voice chat feature can sometimes become a must thing as it allows the players to interact easily to overcome difficult challenges and tasks. Moreover, when you have friends on other gaming platforms with same game, it’s quite natural to talk to them and fun together while you play the game.

Unfortunately, Outriders doesn’t have it’s own crossplay voice chat feature for now. However, you can use third party voice chat tools like Discord, Skype or even Facetime to chat with the players on the console platforms.

How To Use Crossplay Voice Chat Feature On PlayStation And Xbox

The crossplay voice chat feature however, is included for Outriders on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Players simply have to enable the feature to use it. It is important to note that this voice chat feature works only for PlayStation users taking to each other or Xbox users talking to each other. Simply put, Xbox One users can talk Xbox Series users while PS4 users can talk to PS5 users.

So as it goes, unfortunately Outriders doesn’t have support for cross-platform Voice chat feature. Luckily though, regardless of what platform you are playing on, you can use third part tools to stay on contact with each and have fun together.