Dead Space Remake Comms Array Puzzle Solution

After 15 years, dead space is back with a remake not just addition of one or two things but the developers have changed many minor and some big things. including the visual changes like graphical there is going to be no loading screen this time. If you are veteran returning to the dead space franchise you will also notice that the ground layout is not exact as the original one, this one has more zigs than zags like the previous one. While the actual mission remains the same developer of dead space have introduced some side missions as well.

Comms Array Puzzle Has Changed

While the developers of EA motives have made changes, comms array puzzle has also changed. Times have changed when all one had to do was to for a circle of satellite dishes to solve the comms array puzzle. Now you need a different approach as there are some lurking you need to be aware and prepared for.

The comms array puzzle can be located during the 8th chapter: Search and Rescue, you’ll come across the communication control room, which will lead you to the puzzle and lurking’s. Unlike the previous or original version of dead space you need a sharp mind to solve this one because you’ll also have to focus on the communication control screen this time which might be confusing for you if you haven’t played the original version or even if you have.

How to Solve the Puzzle

As we said, solving the puzzle require a different approach this time and needs a more careful and vigilant eye. To solve the new circuit/puzzle you’ll need to connect the circuit from both ends/sides of communication control display screen till the top of the room in a specific pattern. Remember, some plates will be loose and by using the kinesis ability on those fuzes with the neon panel you’ll be able to relocate them.

There is a specific pattern you need to follow this time. Place the fuzes in the designated spot, only then you’ll be able to unlock the puzzle and proceed.

You will see the see the fuzes around the wall. Now, feel free and the rip the fuzes with your neon panels from the walls because your focus should be on the area next to the screen. As you can see on the image we have provided above, you are actually redirecting the blue lines to the top. You don’t need to worry about the completing that track because even if you want to, you cannot as there are not enough fuzes to do so.

While using the flying ability zero gravity you will get a good idea as it provides to understand things from afar. This will also help in solving other puzzles that involve zero gravity like the centrifuge puzzle. A sharp look at the communication control screen will give a precise idea what you need to do because It show the missing pieces of puzzle (those satellite bars), so don’t miss it.