How to Complete Fortnite Season 6 Week 1 Challenges

Fortnite have always been center of attraction for its fans because of interesting challenges that are included in the game every season. Now, in Season 6, Some new absorbing challenges await the players.

Now that Season 6 has gone live for Fortnite, everyone wants to know about how to attempt the new challenges (Week 1), so let’s find out what these challenges are and how to tackle them. The Week 1 challenges for Season 6 are listed below:

  • Hunt Wildlife
  • Craft Primal weapons using bones and makeshift weapons
  • Craft a hunter’s cloak
  • Talk to characters
  • Craft items
  • Collect mechanical parts from vehicles, trailers, buses, or tractors
  • Craft mechanical weapons using mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon
  • Find golden artifacts near The Spire.

Hunt Wildlife Challenge

Wild animals are a new feature added in Season 6. In season 5 there were some animals but these wild animals are totally new. These are boars, wolves, chickens and frogs. This challenge shouldn’t be a difficult task for the players as these animals would never go on to attack the players. They can be easily hunted using any of the weapons or even can be disseminated without any difficulty.

Crafting Primal Weapons Challenge

Now coming to Primal weapons; You need to gain a Makeshift weapon and gather four bones. In case you are unable to collect them you can buy them from the NPC’s that are available all around the map by giving them the bars. After this, press D-pad up on the controller or I on keyboard and then go to crafting tab and there you can see the Primal version of weapons is now available.

Crafting a Hunter’s Cloak Challenge

For crafting hunter’s cloak, one needs a piece of meat and two bones. After collecting them via hunting wildlife, one just have to collect a piece of meat on bottom right hand side and then rest is same as for crafting Primal weapons, go to crafting tab and you can see the hunter’s cloak is now available.

Crafting Mechanical Weapons Challenge

Mechanical weapons can be crafted using pickaxes on cars, RV’s and thus collecting mechanical parts. Gain a makeshift weapon and gather four mechanical parts at least and you are good to go for crafting mechanical weapons.

Find Golden Artifacts Near The Spire

The map in season 6 is full of animals and makeshift weapons. Some challenges like tomb raider require the players to collect golden artifacts. At zero point, you can find all three artifacts.

On Eastern side of the building, some market shops are located where you can find one. The stall with the red banner is the one where it can be found. On the top of rock is a building.One have to open the wood to find treasure inside. It is actually an Anubis statue that you are searching for and this is all you need to do for the quest.

If you are still confused about the locations, this video might serve the purpose:

Lazy Lake Anomaly Challenge

In the north of lazy lake there is a house. Going inside it and heading towards puzzle table you have to activate the gems in a certain order to complete the challenge.

Shark Island Anomaly Challenge

This can be done by going to northern part of island and there you can see three things lit up. Anomaly lies here, perform some action in front of each three of them and anomaly will be clearly seen to complete the challenge. Hope this article helps you to perform well in the challenges.