Systemic Reaction Wants a Game Director for a Project With “Amazing Potential”

Avalanche Studios is a beloved videogame developer studio that’s famous for their popular titles like Just Cause and Rage. Now, they also have Expansive Worlds and Systemic Reaction under their belt as a group.

The last game Avalanche Studios released was Rage 2 back in 2019 which garnered great critical and commercial success. Since the release of Rage 2, Avalanche Studios haven’t revealed any information about whatever new game they’ve been working on. As for Systemic Reaction, after Second Extinction, they already seem to be busy in their next big “AAA” title with “Amazing Potential”

From Systemic Reaction’s job openings, we’ve gathered the information that they are currently working on a brand new AAA game.

If you take a look at their job openings website, you’ll see a multitude of job openings. If you dive deeper into these job openings, you’ll find some really interesting information.

For instance, the new game is going to be an open-world experience. Moreover, since they are looking for Xbox specialists too, it could also meant that the upcoming game from Systemic Reaction might well be an Xbox exclusive just like Second Extinction.

Since the studio is still looking for employees to work on the game, it means that the game is most likely still in its inception. Ergo, it’ll take quite a while before we get an official announcement from Avalanche about this new AAA title. All we can do now is wait for the announcement from them about the game.