Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Will Require An Internet Connection

One of the multiple games shown off at the Playstation Showcase last week was the reveal of Gran Turismo 7, but even past the hype many players are now annoyed with developer Polyphony Digital, due to the reveal that in order to play the Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode, players need an internet connection.

The campaign isn’t the only part of the game that needs it either. Most of the other parts of the game also require internet to work, including the Livery Editor, Scapes, various historical circuits, GT Cafe, and GT Auto. So, essentially, if you want to play the game at all, you need to be connected to the internet.

Such a thing will likely be annoying for a lot of players who want to be able to access their games without any fuss each time, but in an era where games are becoming increasingly interconnected (especially sports games like Gran Turismo), the fact that an internet connection is needed for everything from the Gran Turismo 7 campaign on down can be an issue.

For instance, you could not even be in a race, just customizing your car, and suddenly be kicked back to the main menu because of a server hiccup on Polyphony’s end, or because your internet decided to cut out briefly. The fact that you can’t just go racing by yourself without having to worry about the same thing happening can also be an issue.

While the game does look very nice, since we saw a large amount of multiplayer over the course of its reveal, it’s likely that the reveal that you have to have an internet connection to play the Gran Turismo 7 campaign and make use of all of the game’s other features will still be a sticking point for many players, even if the launch does manage to go off without a hitch.

Gran Turismo 7 will be releasing for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 on March 4 of next year.