More Playstation Ports Coming To PC Soon, Says Leak

A leak from the GeForce Now database is claiming that more Playstation ports of games for that console will be coming to the PC soon. While none of these are confirmed, it’s still pretty big news considering other games that Sony has allowed to make their way onto the PC.

Along with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone that are already there, the leaked list includes games like the Demon’s Souls remake, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet and Clank, and Returnal. During the Playstation Showcase, Uncharted 4: Legacy of Thieves Collection was also announced to be coming to the PC.

Considering the success of many of these games, and the ever-increasing power of both consoles and gaming PCs, it stands to reason that Sony, even though they’ve been historically hostile to multiplatform games, would be up for as much money as they can get with more Playstation ports on the PC.

The list leaked by GeForce Now even has an unannounced game on its list, that of Helldivers 2. The top-down co-op shooter first came out in 2015, but its developer, Arrowhead Game Studios, have been teasing a sequel on Twitter for some time.

With so many games supposedly on the list to get ported onto the PC, it may be that Playstation is loosening its grip on multiplatform games, as well. The company has notoriously been hostile to cross-platform play and multiplatform games, demanding developers make up the difference in lost revenue for any platform ports.

Whether more Playstation ports on PC means that they’re relaxing that requirement, or just think they can make more money this way, however, remains to be seen. Either way, if this leak turns out to be true, hopefully PC gamers who’ve been holding out hope for ports will soon have all of their waiting rewarded.