The Insomniac Wolverine Game Will Be Full-Sized, With A Mature Tone

Unlike Spider-Man, you can’t really play off Wolverine as a guy who defeats his enemies purely through blunt-force trauma. The Insomniac Wolverine game that was revealed at the Playstation Showcase (alongside a sequel to their Spider-Man game) will be leaning into this interpretation, and along with being a full-sized title will also have a more mature tone.

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most recognizable superheroes due to his signature claws and his position as one of the leading figures of the X-Men. However, he’s also been the star of some of the darkest superhero films, especially in the X-Men series outside of the MCU.

With such a presence on screen, Insomniac can’t really make him a nonlethal-focused superhero like Spider-Man, or full of wisecracks. Since Wolverine often operates as a loner, there’s no telling if the story will have as many characters as Spider-Man did, either. So we can likely expect a darker, more introspective story.

Previous Wolverine video games have also not been ones to shy away from violence, whether Logan was fighting robots or people. The Insomniac Wolverine game will probably be the same, but with its more mature tone, we might see quite a lot of blood on screen, especially given the huge amount of implied violence shown in the Playstation Showcase trailer.

Either way, since it was just a teaser trailer, right now we only have Insomniac’s word to go on. We’ll likely see some kind of gameplay at some point in the future, though since the game doesn’t have a release date yet, that might be a long way off.

Hopefully the Insomniac Wolverine game will be able to live up to the expectations of the people likely to play it. Since Insomniac already managed a gripping story and characters with their last two superhero games, hopefully the Wolverine story and gameplay will not only be on-par with Spider-Man, but better.