Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore Locations

Dragonite Ore is a valuable resource as it can be used to unlock many weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise. This is very important knowing the fact that special weapons help you in difficult quests. So where exactly you can find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?. Read the article to get the answer to this question.

Exact Locations For Dragonite Ore

ore locations monster hunter rise

The above image shows the exact locations of dragonite ore in Monster Hunter Rise. As it can be seen that there is more than one location where you can go and search for dragonite ore but some ores are really difficult to reach because one have to climb many high rocks, counter so many attacks on the way.

So the best one to access is the one at 9 as marked in the image where you can reach rather easily as compared to others. Navigate on the map and reach the location marked white just at mark 9.Now search here for the ore, you will surely find it. It can lie anywhere near these points so search carefully all around this area.

Important Tips for Locating Dragonite Ore

You can find the dragonite ore in different mines depending on your rank but the best one is Lava Caverns. You can get dragonite ore from Lava Caverns even at lower ranks. At higher ranks you can find it from any map. The best time for finding dragonite ore is when there is an explosion experienced in the mines so always keep any eye for that.

Dragonite Ore Items in Monster Hunter Rise

Now if you are wondering what items need the Dragonite Ore, here is a complete list:

  • Babel Spear I
  • Buster Blade
  • Calamitous Portent I
  • Dawn Ray Bow I
  • Delex Sail II
  • Elite Blade II
  • Elite Switch Axe II
  • Exorcising Sword I
  • Hidden Scythe I
  • Highpriest Bowgun I
  • Iron Gospel
  • Kadachi Glaive I
  • Mud Ripper I
  • Poetic Bell I
  • Pukei Sword I
  • Regas Hyper
  • Rielle Nulo II
  • Sniper Shot
  • Striker’s Gunlance I
  • Alloy S
  • Chainmail S
  • Gargwa
  • Hunter S
  • Ingot
  • Ingot S
  • Khezu S
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku S
  • Leather S
  • Makluva
  • Makluva S
  • Pukei-pukei
  • Pukei-pukei S
  • Rathian
  • Remobra
  • Tigrex
  • Uroktor
  • Wroggi

Hope this would guide you finding dragonite ore in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you find it you are free to craft many weapons specifically bows like queen’s bow steel bow etc and definitely your gaming experience will get a lot more better.