Where To Find Rock Lizard In Monster Hunter Rise

Rock Lizard is a special kind of creature in Monster Hunter Rise. These creatures, as the name suggests, mostly are found near the rocks. They can be found anywhere on the map but Shrine ruins is the best place to search for Rock Lizard.

The creature is quite useful as it can get you armor sphere for making your armor more effective. They also are a source to find valuable minerals. Also you need Rock Lizard to complete a quest as senior hunter Hanenaga wants you to find Rick Lizard and also you need to take an image.

Rock Lizard Location

rock lizard location

As you can see in the above image, there are more than one locations where one can find Rock Lizard but the main focus must be shrine ruins as it is a rather easy target. The point right above section 7 is the most easy to access where you can find Rock Lizard. Other points can get you rock lizard but they may require some effort specially climbing.

Next thing you need to do is to take a photograph when you get to Rock Lizard.

How Take Photograph Of Rock Lizard

To take a photograph press and hold D-pad until you see camera icon. Use up or down buttons to use the camera. When you see the name of Rock Lizard, it means you can take a picture. When you take a picture the name of target must be visible.