New Lucid Games Title For Playstation 5 In The Works

Lucid Games, the developers of various Goat Simulator ports and, most recently, Destruction AllStars, is apparently working on a new game now. Unlike its previous ones, however, this one is reported via a Twitter post to be a triple-A game exclusively for the Playstation 5. However, we know pretty much nothing about the new Lucid Games game other than that.

Alongside the Twitter post, the information on the game came from the LinkedIn page of Drew Williams-Roston, a game designer who is currently working for Lucid Games and has his positions with them on his profile. The most recent of those mentions that he’s a Technical Game Designer on a first-party Triple-A game for the Playstation 5.

Considering Lucid Games’ past offerings, it’s a toss up as to exactly what the studio will be making. While Goat Simulator and Destruction AllStars are probably their most well-known games, they’ve also made a variety of mobile games, which far outnumber the games they’ve developed for console.

That’s not to say that the new Lucid Games game might be bad, however. Destruction AllStars got fairly solid reviews when it released, though criticism was directed at a large number of invasive microtransactions along with a lack of content. This new Triple-A game, however, might be a step up for the company.

Of course, again, this depends on what exactly the game is about. While the thought of a Triple-A game might cause excitement, there’s a wide variety of genres that Lucid could be getting into. We’ll likely have to wait for a future Playstation Showcase to see what it even is, or even wait until E3 2022.

Until then, all we can do is sit and wait to see exactly what the new Lucid Games game turns out to be. Whether it’s another “sports” game or something entirely different, hopefully it will turn out to be a success for the studio.