Far Cry 6 Weapons Are Full Of Surprises And Neat Tricks

Far Cry 6’s narrative will be a tried-and-true story of revolutionaries rising up to overthrow violent oppressors, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the game has to be so cookie-cutter. According to the game’s World Director, Brian Hull, during an interview on Gamereactor, the Far Cry 6 weapons have their own philosophy and are full of surprises.

“We tapped into this whole notion of what we call ‘Resolvo’, which really runs through multiple facets of the whole game, and it’s all about making items do things you wouldn’t expect.”

There are 49 different weapons that players can pick up throughout Far Cry 6, and each of them can be modified into working in certain ways that are unconventional. All of this, according to Hull, ties into a narrative that the rebels are on the wrong side of the balance of power, and so have to shake things up from the norm to really be effective.

“One of the things that we’ve always wanted to try and create is the sensation that you’re on the wrong end of the balance of power, you’re a guerrilla fighting against the established military, so you’re always in this situation of being underpowered…so the weapons and the gear become how you feel like you can fight 1,000 soldiers.”

Far Cry 6 weapons can have their bullet types changed, be silenced, be stabilized, and have a number of other ways that you can change them around to be more unconventional, if you want. There’s a weapon that shoots sawblades, a minigun, and even a sort of rocket launcher that fires fireworks instead of rockets. Weapons aren’t the only thing you can change either, according to Hull.

“…And by putting together all of these different pieces, through your pants, through your shoes, your t-shirt, your headwear, your gloves, and your weapon itself, you can start to modify your playstyle to be able to suit different situations.”

With all of the different things Ubisoft has done with Far Cry 6, hopefully the Far Cry 6 weapons and gear, along with the setting itself, will all help the game to live up to expectations when it releases. Far Cry 6 will come out on October 7 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.