System of Souls Dev Talks About Inspirations, Sony’s Involvement, Gameplay and More

system of souls

If you like Valve’s Portal game or may be Mirror’s Edge then System of Souls is something you should definitely lookout for. The indie game is a puzzle-platformer with environments quite similar to Valve’s Portal and has inspirations from Mirror’s Edge as well. The game is part of PlayStation Talents program where Sony Interactive tries … Read more

Interview: Pioner Gameplay, PvP, End-Game, STALKER Comparison, Campaign Length and More

pioner official

Post-Apocalyptic setting in video games is one of the most saturated ones. We have a plethora of games in that setting already. And these games don’t seem like stopping and a new game “Pioner” from GFA Games will be following the same post-apocalyptical footsteps. However, after watching the the reveal trailer of the game, it … Read more

Armature Studio Talks About Where the Heart Leads, ReCore 2, PS5 and More

where the heart leads

When we think of Armature Studio, only action games come to mind. However, this time, the studio is working on something different with “Where the Heart Leads”. It’s a surreal narrative experience where players will able to experiment with countless narrative outcomes for the protagonist in the game. We had a chance to sit down … Read more