Where to Find the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

If you’re having trouble exploring the flooded areas in Resident Evil Village and are in desperate need of a boat, we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be showing you how you can get a Boat Key in Resident Evil Village.

Where to Find the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

As you’re adventuring through the flooded town near Moreau’s Reservoir in Resident Evil Village, you’ll soon realize that it’s impossible for you to fully explore through the area on foot.

For this, you’ll need some sort of boat to travel on the water. The good news for you is that the boats standing by the docks are actually interactable and you can ride them.

However, you need a Boat Key to be able to start up these boats. But you only need to find one Boat Key to be able to access the boats, but finding this Boat key is a little bit tricky.

To find the Boat Key, you need to be at a certain place at a specific time in the game’s campaign. You’ll be at this place after you deal with Monna Beneviento and Lady Dimitrescu and encounter Moreau for the first time.

Leaving House Beneviento

After leaving House Beneviento, Ethan will have his first encounter with Moreau. After this encounter, you’ll be able to begin your search for the Boat Key.

Retrace your Steps

After the Moreau interaction, retrace your steps and go back along the same path that took you to the place where you had the encounter with Moreau.

This path will eventually split into two. When it does, break the wood with yellow tape on it to the right to bring down a bridge. Walk across the bridge and move further into the tunnel.

The tunnel will lead you into a large open area where you’ll see a house and a tree. You’ll see a dead body hanging from the tree and a bunch of werewolves surrounding it.

Survive the Ambush

So, you have to now prepare yourself for some action. Go inside the house and use the bookshelf as cover.

You have to play very methodically here. Keep yourself behind cover as much as you can and try to attack the enemies at the right time. The most difficult enemy you’ll face here will be the armored werewolf .

To take this werewolf down, you first need to break its helmet by shooting it, after which you can shoot it in the head to finish it off.

Grab the Boat Key

After you finally clear out the area, go towards the shack which is to the right of the entrance of the house. You’ll see some keys hanging next to the door of the shack.

One of these keys will be the Boat Key that you’ve been after. Grab the key and retrace your steps once again to leave the mines. You can now go up to one of the boats in the pier and start it up using your newly found Boat Key.

And if you are interested in a video guide, this video will help you locate the key: