EA Patent Describes “Personas” to Present Customized Content to Players

It’s a common observation in online/multiplayer games that different players prefer to play different game maps or game modes. Over the years, developers have used voting system to decide to what type of content could come next during a play session however, that still leaves some players playing some content that doesn’t draw their interest.

One of EA’s patents attempts to solve this issue by assigning so called “Personas” to players.

A persona system determines a player persona for a player of a gaming system based on gameplay information for the user and, for example, performs dynamic content generation, or additional product recommendations based on the player persona. The persona system may receive a request for content based on a persona of a player and receive gameplay data associated with gameplay of the player in a plurality of games. The persona system may then generate a player persona of the player based on the gameplay data associated with the gameplay of the player in the plurality of games, determine persona based content based at least in part on a portion of the player persona, and output the persona based content in response to the request.

So basically based on the gameplay preferences and behavior, the system will be able to assign specific Personas to the players which then will be able to play and received the content they actually prefer. This then will help the developers to keep players engaged for longer durations.

This is not the a novel concept though as different publishers are always trying to find ways to keep players more engaged to their games. There are other patents as well that aim to increase the players engagement while providing players the content they like and prefer, specially in online games.

Moreover, assigning digital Personas to players could also help the publisher to advertise the right content to the right players. For instance, a players is primarily interested in FIFA series of EA, it will be logical for the system to show primarily the FIFA related content to him/her. This not only improves, users experience, it also helps the publisher to improve their sales based on the relevant content.