EA Patent Describes “Personas” to Present Customized Content to Players

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It’s a common observation in online/multiplayer games that different players prefer to play different game maps or game modes. Over the years, developers have used voting system to decide to what type of content could come next during a play session however, that still leaves some players playing some content that doesn’t draw their interest. … Read more

EA Bot Matchmaking Patent Aims To Help Online Players


A patent filed by Electronic Arts is apparently intending to make the online matchmaking experience easier for players. The patent intends to add in bot players by default when one team cannot find enough players. According to the EA bot matchmaking patent, the system will operate in a way similar to this: “The matchmaking, as … Read more

EA Fraud Detection Patent Can Help Detect Cheating In Games


Cheating has become an increasingly large problem in many online multiplayer games. Now, however, a new EA fraud detection patent has been filed that will hopefully make it more difficult for such a thing to occur, at least in games that were published by Electronic Arts. According to the patent’s abstract: “The fraud detection system … Read more