Phil Spencer Explains Relationship Between Microsoft And Nintendo

Phil Spencer of Xbox sat down with the guys on the Kinda Funny podcast, and among the various different topics that were spoken about (sent in by curious fans), one topic that came up was the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo and what Spencer saw in the future for such a partnership.

Microsoft’s modus operandi this generation has mainly been for a lack of Xbox Series X exclusives and more focused on getting games out to as many people as possible to grow the gaming crowd. Spencer, in fact, actually admires Nintendo for just how popular and widespread Nintendo consoles are, as he says here.

“They’re the only company on the planet that could do a bespoke, mobile compute device that isn’t actually Android or iOS, doesn’t make phonecalls, and have the success that they’re having.”

Such a company would be vital for ensuring that video gaming becomes more widespread throughout the world, and with Spencer’s own close ties to Nintendo executives like Doug Bowser, he believes that Microsoft and Nintendo, and a lot of the other big publishers out there, can help to grow the industry further by working together, as he says.

“I don’t see the pie as a fixed pie that in order for our slice of the pie to grow, somebody else’s has to get smaller.”

Considering how many people around the world play video games, it’s definitely a good idea to have. Even though video game fans may continue to talk about the console wars and which console is better, Spencer believes that video gaming is such a massive business that it can be made better just by working together, rather than competing.

This is the reasoning behind the partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo, as Spencer believes that if a partnership will further help the gaming industry to grow, he doesn’t see any reason to¬†not¬†engage in such a partnership. You can watch the actual podcast by following this link.