Sony Is Already Developing New Technology For Future Playstation 6 and Beyond

Even though the Playstation 5 isn’t even a year old yet, that hasn’t stopped Sony from making sure that they can continue to make the consoles for a long time to come. Various job listings on the website, along with other sources, show that Sony is developing technology for future Playstation consoles including PlayStation 6 and beyond.

The Playstation 5 has had a rough launch alongside the Xbox Series X, not just because of the coronavirus pandemic but also due to large amount of scalpers buying up consoles to sell at ridiculous markups. However, the console is still in very high demand, so there’s likely going to be a market for it for a long time to come.

The job openings that Playstation (specifically Playstation Europe) has posted are related to engineers and researchers, and come from the segment of the company known as the “Future Technology Group”. It seems Sony is aiming to continue pushing the technology envelope on future Playstation consoles. The FTG is also offering internship opportunities.

The DualSense controller that launched with the Playstation 5 is probably the best thing about the console aside from its games; focused around haptic feedback, the controller has helped immersion across many freshly-released Playstation 5 games. If Sony continues that sort of emphasis, other Playstation consoles coming in the future may be similarly advanced.

The pace of technological advancement in video game consoles is likely to ramp up in the next few years. Microsoft is already supposedly getting ready to release new versions of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X that are superior to the original versions, so it seems like Playstation is wanting to do the same for PlayStation 6 and the consoles following it.

The Playstation 5 actually disappointed people compared to the Xbox Series X when its specifications were revealed, so it’s no surprise that Playstation wants to try and catch up. Exactly how this will end up playing out, however, remains to be seen.

With luck, we’ll be seeing the fruits of Sony’s labor far into the future with each new console generation.