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Former Sony Technical Director Profile Mentions an Unannounced IP Still in Production

Marvin Najor, a former technical director and artist at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has made a few waves on the internet recently due to his LinkedIn page. In the page, he mentions that he worked on an as-of-yet unannounced Sony IP before leaving the company. Najor is currently employed by InXile, but what could this “unannounced game in production” be?

Sony has announced a large number of games over the past several years, but an unannounced game gives people time to speculate, especially since the unannounced IP could be something familiar, or something entirely brand new. Sony is also rumored to be holding an event in December, so there’s a chance that the game will finally be announced then, whatever it is.

One thing that the unannounced IP could be is Sony Bend Studios’ new game. The Days Gone developer has announced that they were working on a new IP since they couldn’t work on a sequel to Days Gone, but there hasn’t been much information about it other than that it will be another vehicle-focused open world title. It doesn’t even have its title yet.

The unannounced Sony IP could also be an unannounced game that Sony Santa Monica is working on besides the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok. While the company has yet to give any details on the game, they were hiring a Lead Writer for it back in March.

A third possibility could also be the game that Haven Software is working on. Haven was founded by Jade Raymond, one of the people tapped by Google to help with the Stadia, but now that Raymond has left, her new Montreal-based studio is working on a game that is also currently unannounced. There are countless possibilities here.

Considering that Sony’s Playstation Showcase last week was mainly re-visiting games that had already been announced elsewhere before, if Sony is in fact having an event in December, it’s possible that this new IP, whoever it comes from, will be announced there. In the meantime, all we can really do is speculate.