Riot Games Working On Valorant Mobile Port With Battle Royale Support


A recent leak posted on Twitter has shown that Riot Games, developers of the League of Legends franchise, is currently making a Valorant mobile port. While the game had previously been rumored to exist, now it’s fully confirmed. Valorant is their team-based first-person-shooter title that came out in June of last year, but the mobile … Read more

When Will Valorant Release on Xbox and PlayStation?


With Valorant’s immense success on the PC platform, attracting both casual and competitive players, it’s not a surprise that many console-only gamers have jumped on the hype train and are wanting to play Valorant on their desired consoles too. But the real question is: when exactly is Valorant going to be released on the Xbox … Read more

How to Change Your Name or ID in Valorant

valorant id change

If you’re a Valorant player and looking to change your username but have no idea how to do so, we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be walking you through the simple process of changing your username in Riot Games’ Valorant. How to Change Your Name in Valorant Valorant gives players … Read more

Let’s Fix Valorant: Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Performance Issues and More

how to fix valorant

Valorant is a popular game that attracts players from all over the world. Since it’s a live service game, there are many issues that players report related to the game. This article covers all the possible errors, bugs and crashes with possible solutions you can try related to Valorant. Error Codes 38, 39,40,43,46 All these … Read more

Valorant Pros Sinatraa and Nitr0 Have Their Salaries Leaked


Despite Valorant being a relatively new title in Esports, its popularity has risen manifolds since its release. Many Esports players jumping ships to join Valorant is one evidence of its popularity. Recently, Tyson’s Girlfriend (also known asTenZ), Kyedae Shymko leaked the salaries of two most popular Valorant players. According to her, Sentinels’ “Jay Sinatraa Won” … Read more