Fixes For Palworld Bugs, Errors And Related Issues

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A game that is similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon and has survival elements as well is something that sounds great. Pocketpair’s recently released (early access) Palworld has done just that and has quickly gone past 1.3M concurrent players on all platforms. At the time of writing, on Steam alone, the game has more than 1M concurrent … Read more

Sony Patent Aims to Execute and Share Mini Games Through Cloud

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A recently published Sony patent apparently intends to give players access to minigames from various titles, all available through the Cloud. This could very well eliminate the need for players who like a particular mini-game to go back into a full game to gain access to it through various methods, according to the patent. The … Read more

A Starfield Build Planner Has Already Gone Live

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For a game as dense as Starfield, it’s natural that people will start looking for build planners so that they can plan beforehand to make a perfect character. A build planner almost becomes essential when Bethesda Game Studios is at the helm of an RPG like Starfield. Considering the need, a Starfield build planner has … Read more

Dualsense Edge Players Have 30 Hours More Game Time on Average Per Month

During CEDEC 2023, Kensei Akiyama, Sony Interactive Entertainment Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department General Manager, shared some insightful stats related to PSVR 2, Dualsense Edge, and Accessibility features. According to the slides shared during the presentation, Dualsense Edge owners, on average, play games 30 hours more than regular Dualsense owners on PlayStation 5. The data … Read more

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Release Date Was This Year, But Pushed Back

BioWare has recently been in the news for laying off 50 employees to streamline itself in the aftermath of a pair of back-to-back disappointments by Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, their attempt at a looter-shooter. Now, a tweet has quoted industry insider Jeff Grubb about the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf release date. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is … Read more