Here’s How Chinese Game Development Is Breaking Into Western Markets For The First Time

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For many years, China has been the butt of many jokes in terms of game development, mainly focused on churning out hordes of free-to-play mobile games that not only lack originality but even in some cases outright steal assets from other, more successful games. However, Chinese game development seems to be coming around recently. Even … Read more

Ghost of Ikishima Rumored to Launch in 2021


We reported earlier that Ghost of Tsushima developer, Sucker Punch could be working on a multiplayer title with a melee combat. Now, a new rumor has surfaced claiming that a standalone Ghost of Tsushima expansion by the name of “Ghost of Ikishima” might release in 2021 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The rumor comes from XboxEra’s … Read more

FromSoftware is Apparently Working on a PS5 Exclusive, Project “Velvet Veil” [Update]

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Update: It seems like the rumored report is apparently false as claimed by Lance McDonald in a tweet: In case you didn’t feel like looking into it, this is complete fiction. Someone said “the guy who originally received the first ever Elden Ring and Sekiro leaks has now leaked Velvet Vail, a Bloodborne sequel”. The … Read more

New Sony Patent Describes Ways to Summarize Notifications on User Display

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In the modern day, social elements have become very important when it comes video games and video game consoles. Big companies like Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft are always trying to to improve the social experiences for players with different updates on the respective consoles. With the release of PS5 and Xbox Series, these social … Read more

Sony Fake Video Patent Aims To Stop Edited Videos Using Block Chains

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A recently revealed patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment will apparently create a system to stop edited videos from being posted by making use of block chains. This Sony fake video patent is intended to stop people from maliciously editing videos in an audio or visual way to change peoples’ appearance or edit their speech. Selectively … Read more

Systemic Reaction Wants a Game Director for a Project With “Amazing Potential”

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Avalanche Studios is a beloved videogame developer studio that’s famous for their popular titles like Just Cause and Rage. Now, they also have Expansive Worlds and Systemic Reaction under their belt as a group. The last game Avalanche Studios released was Rage 2 back in 2019 which garnered great critical and commercial success. Since the … Read more